Patanjali products shampoo and 4 other products of Patanjali are most purchased

"Patanjali products shampoo" kesh kanti is best shampoo in the world and most purchased

five products of Patanjali are most purchased

Patanjali Ayurveda is fighting the country's biggest FMCG companies today. Just a decade old, the company has shaken the foundation of Hindustan Unilever (HUL) in India for 80 years.

The business of Patanjali Ayurveda established by Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev is Rs 10,369 crore in the financial year. This is one third of HUL's sales. There are many reasons behind the success of Patanjali.

With the branding of indigenous goods, Patanjali has managed to make its image as a 'domestic company' among the people. According to Bloomberg's report, these are the best-selling products of Patanjali Ayurveda:

1. Cow's Ghee GheeThe company receives revenue of Rs 1,382 crore from the sale of cow's ghee. It holds about 12per cent stake in the company's total revenues. In the organized sector, Patanjali directly rivals Amul. It holds a market share of 44% in branded ghee.According to the market expert Kantar Worldpanel, Patanjali is the only brand that has good and strong grip in every field. This is the case with market share. After this, Amul, Krishna, Milma, Nandani 

2. Dant Kanti 
Dant Kanti earned a revenue of Rs 937 crores. Its share in the toothpaste market has reached 14 percent. Patanjali directly challenges Colgate Palmolive and Dabur India in this segment. In 2016, Colgate's share dropped from 57.5 percent to 55.9 percent

3. Ayurvedic medicines 
Patanjali Ayurveda, which started as Ayurvedic medicines, has strengthened its hold in this market. In the financial year, the company earned Rs 870 crore from the market, which is four times more than Dabur India.

4. Kesh Kunti Shampoo
There are three types of shampoo present in it. kesh kanti natural, kesh kanti shikakai, kesh kanti aloe vera
Keshakanti Patanjali products Shampoo's share in Patanjali's earnings is Rs 912 crores. In this market, HUL is leading 45% stake in the market. The company earned 18209 crores from the personal care segment. The company's shampoo range includes Dove, Sunsilk, Tasmee, Lux etc

5. Soap
Patanjali's herbal soap is also very popular among the public. 592 crore is added to the revenue of this company from this segment. However, in this segment, the market is being led by Hindustan Unilever with its 'Lifeboy' brand. Nirma, Godrej Consumer and ITC are also active in the market.

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