Asthma Can Be Cured Completely - अस्थमा का इलाज है संभव

Asthma Can Be Cured Completely - अस्थमा का इलाज है संभव Asthma Can Be Cured Completely - अस्थमा का इलाज है संभव 

Asthma is possible, know about its most secure therapy

When someone has asthma attack, they start breathing deeply. The amount of oxygen consumed by the amount of carbon dioxide can not be removed.

New Delhi: Identification at the time of asthma can help to control it. Yes, if at the time it is known about asthma then its treatment becomes easier. Experts say that the speed of the patient's heartbeat and breathing increases as the attack progresses in this disease. In this way, he feels himself restless and tired. Dr. Pankaj Sayal, Consultant, Pulmonology Department of PSRI Hospital, on World Asthma Day said that it can be overcome by identifying and treating symptoms of this disease timely.

He said, "When someone visits Asthma, they start breathing deeper, the amount of oxygen consumed, the amount of carbon dioxide can not be taken out. At such times asthma patients can cough, chest There may be stiffness in it, excessive sweating, and vomiting too. Asthma patients feel more difficulty sleeping at night, especially sleeping.

World Asthma Day: These 10 mistakes come due to asthma attacks

According to Dr Gyan Dip Mangal, Senior Consultant of Respiratory Medicine, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, Asthma symptoms are not the same in everyone, it is necessary to identify the symptoms of asthma, and then start treatment. Mainly in asthma patients tightening the chest in the chest, breathing wheezing while exhaling and leaving, flow of air in the respiratory tract. Minister should seek treatment manner not to get such symptoms without time Spend asthma is, so that the live control the disease in time.

He said, Inhalation therapy is considered the safest way to treat asthma. At the time of the asthma attack, the patient has a lot of difficulty breathing, in which case the inhaler starts showing its effect directly by reaching the patient's lungs, Lung contraction is less and patients feel relieved but excessive use can lead to many types of side effects. Are. 

Every year 1.5 million young people suffer from this disease, getting a death in 3 minutes

Asthma Can Be Cured Completely - अस्थमा का इलाज है संभव
Dr. Shweta Gupta, clinical director of Fertility Solutions at Medikvar Fertility said, If the asthma disease of asthma affected women is not adequately controlled before pregnancy, the chances of experiencing asthma symptoms worse during pregnancy increases. Neonatal hypoxia, intrauterine development for the fetus due to inadequately controlled asthma Restriction, premature birth, to be born with low weight, fetal and neonatal death may cause such risk. 

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