Best Ways to Stay Alert and Awake

How to Stay Alert and Awake

Best Ways to Stay Alert and Awake

Sometimes during the day, we wanted to sleep but it's just not possible and so we struggle to stay awake. Maybe you are a student who just finished an all-nighter and struggling the following day to stay awake while listening to a boring lecture of your boring professor. Or maybe you are an office worker who happens to be stuck in a cubicle on a daily basis, staring blankly at your computer screen and trying your best to avoid those occassional dozes that kept on pulling your head towards your keyboard. Or perhaps you are a security officer on night shift, trying to keep your eyes wide open as you endure the frequent yawns and nods that kept on teasing you. 

Get that nose working. There are many things that we can possibly to do to keep us from sleeping but one of the best ways to stay alert and awake is to rely on your sense of smell. A strong scent, whether good or bad, can help stimulate the nervous system thus making you alert very quickly. Essential oils of the following plants are recommended by aroma therapists, and these are rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, coffee, and scots pine oil. If essential oils are not available, you can use lotions or burning candles that have the same scents.

Massage different parts of your body. Using acupressure is another way to help you stay alert and awake. You may massage or apply pressure on the top of your head, top of the back of your neck, back of your hands, just below the knee and your earlobes to help improve blood circulation and ease fatigue thus helping you to stay awake.

Believe in the power of  power nap. Taking a power nap, about 15-20 minutes never fails to keep you alert and awake. Power napping increases alertness and productivity. It will make you more energetic afterwards. It also enhances your mood and efficiency. A 20-minute power nap also improves memory and learning.

Expose yourself to bright light. Exposure to bright light most especially natural daylight has something to do with regulating your body's internal clock or circadian rhythms. It helps you also to be more alert. 

Exercise. If you are an office worker who's day-to-day activity is to sit on a chair in front of the computer, then exercising will help a lot in keeping you awake. Exercising puts your muscles in action and it improves blood circulation. You'll not only burn some calories you acquired during lunch time but it will also help you to stay awake. Perhaps the easiest and most effective form of exercise that you can do at work is a neck, arm and leg stretching. You may also do some squats and push-ups as long as it's not causing a disturbance to other workers. Night guards have more liberty to do different kinds of exercises since they usually work with very few people, and sometimes alone.

Avoid over-eating. You will find it very difficult to stay awake if you have a full stomach. Digesting a large meal takes a great deal of energy. And if energy is depleted or reaches low levels, you'll definitely feel sleepy. And when you have a full stomach, blood is directed away from other parts of the body that perform different functions including your nervous system. This also makes you sleepy.

Listen to upbeat music. Listening to upbeat music triggers human responses which allows us to make use of different parts of our brain. Unless you are alone, always wear headphones to avoid causing disturbance amongst your co-workers. If you are thinking that setting the volume to high will get the job done, then you are wrong. It is actually recommended to set the volume to low because this forces you to subconsciously exert more effort to listen and digest the music. This helps in keeping you awake.

Cold water is your friend. Splashing cold water on your face or drinking an ice cold glass of water every 30 minutes can do wonders if you want to stay alert and awake. When your body is exposed to cold water, it actually makes adjustments in order to regulate its internal temperature which in turn keeps all your organs functioning. This bodily phenomenon will help in keeping you alert and awake.

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