Marriage Sex Problems

Problems In Bedroom

Marriage sex problems can be blamed on a variety of reasons. Life’s demands of a job, parenting and other factors weigh heavily on leaving enough time for love and sex. Having enough energy at the end of the day is another reason bedroom activity ceases. Other challenges to ones sex life are physical limitations, emotional baggage and lack of interest. The good news is that most of the problems that effect a couple’s physical connection through sex can be treated. Many studies have been completed and all end with the same conclusion and that is; a healthy satisfying sex life is good for the mental and physical aspects of the body.

No sex in marriage relationships is typically doomed unless the couple seeks help. When there is trouble in a couple’s sexual relationship often times it is a sign that there are other problems as well. Focusing on conflicts that need resolving is a good place to start. If time is a factor, setting time aside for a date can jump start your sex life again. The sex starved marriage can be caused by life’s responsibilities and reserving time with your spouse will get things moving in a positive direction. Love sex and marriage go hand in hand to a successful relationship and there are many studies to prove it.

Physical restraints like arthritis, sexual dysfunction and cardiovascular conditions can ruin the mood but many of these things can be fixed by a visit to the doctor or exploring new options. Seeking treatment from your doctor for ailments can be embarrassing but do not let it affect your relationship. No sex in marriage situations is not healthy so take care of any problems as soon as they arise. Most likely your doctor has heard these problems before so what you bring to the office is nothing new, you should not feel uncomfortable. If medication is involved be sure to follow your doctor’s directions implicitly. For physical limitations that do not require medication try new sexual techniques and explore new ideas to please your partner.

Daily routines of life such as children, finances and careers often get in the way and cause marriage sex problems but the good news is that most of the issues can be corrected. Those sex starved marriages can be fixed simply by building time in their schedules for love and sex. Experts say that couples, who work towards keeping the spark alive in love sex and marriage, live healthy lives free of depression and heart problems. Couples that suffer from the sex starved marriage have unresolved issues related to the relationship, age related issues or the partners have moved in separate directions in life. Loss of interest in sex can be rekindled by trying different ways of reaching your partner such as cuddling, leaving love notes in conspicuous places or meeting at a hotel for an afternoon delight. Marriage sex problems can be fixed if both partners are willing to do so.

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