Treatment for prostate cancer

Full Information About Treatment for prostate cancer 

Treatment for prostate cancer

Treatment for prostate cancer includes prostate removal surgery, cryosurgery, radiation therapy, watchful waiting, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and complementary urologic medicine. The advantage of prostate cancer surgery, also called prostatectomy, is that it removes the cancer from the body. The other treatments for prostate cancer are also covered on this website. These alternative treatments are used according to the stage of prostate cancer, age, overall health, personal preferences, and where the cancer is located. Another determining factor is the experience and skill of the doctor performing the procedure, whatever that procedure may be.

Treatment for prostate cancer using surgery at our Miami urology center includes open prostatectomy, laparoscopic prostatectomy, and the da Vinci prostatectomy also known as a robotic prostatectomy. Our Ivy League urology staff also offers cryosurgery for prostate cancer. During cryotherapy the prostate is frozen and thawed to kill the prostate cancer. Another treatment for prostate cancer that is offered is radiation therapy. This is done in two ways, the first, is by external beam radiation, and the second, is by placing tiny radiation seeds into the prostate. In both cases the radiation kills the cancer cells in the prostate. Another modality is hormone therapy which involves injections of hormones to control the cancer. Still another method used is “watchful waiting” which involves assessing you prostate cancer from time to time with out treatment unless the cancer starts to grow.

These treatments for prostate cancer are covered in this website and we also have quick links and hyperlinks to bring you to more specific information about your prostate cancer and urological needs.

Prostate cancer surgery has been the gold standard in urology for decades. The advantage in prostate surgery is that it is performed all over the world and there is a vast knowledge base that has been created for surgeons to perfect prostate cancer surgery. Fortunately there are many urologists throughout the world that can perform a prostatectomy efficiently and with good results. This world wide wealth of prostate cancer surgery, led to improvements, such as laparoscopic surgery.

Treatment for prostate cancer improved surgically, with the advent of laparoscopic instruments and, as time went on, the experience of the urologists that took on this new paradigm in prostate removal. The benefits included less blood loss, quicker recovery, shorter hospital stays, and smaller scars compared to open prostatectomy. Our urologists at the Miami urology center are all experienced surgeons in minimally invasive laparoscopic prostatectomy.

reatment for prostate cancer using robotic prostatectomy was the natural extension of laparoscopic surgery and robotic technology. The Columbia University Division of Urology at Mount Sinai Medical Center’s Chief of Robotics, Dr Fernando Bianco. is also a natural extension, created from his training at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NYC, where he helped create nomograms to assess risk factors of patients with prostate cancer, his experience as the Chief of Urology Oncology at the George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates, and director of the prostate program at the George Washington Cancer Institute.  Dr Bianco has experience in using multiple modalities for gaining the optimal treatment for prostate cancer. Bringing Dr Bianco and the da Vinci prostatectomy to extend Ivy League medicine to south Florida was implemented by Dr Mitchell Benson the chairman of urology at the Columbia University Department of Urology, where his department is rated in the top five urology centers in the nation. Dr Bianco also trains visiting doctors and the doctors in Mount Sinai Medical Center’s fellowship program.

Treatment for prostate cancer using robotic prostatectomy has proven to have the same benefits as standard laparoscopic prostatectomy’s, such as less bleeding, less scaring, faster recovery time, and shorter hospital stays. Surgeons have extra laparoscopic abilities using the da Vinci robotic system that they do not have with manual laparoscopic surgery. The da Vinci system removes the shaking/quivering of natural hand movements and allows only smooth movement of the surgical instruments in the surgical site. Another advantage includes the ability of the hand controls to turn the instruments in a complete circle which allows for superior suturing.  Still another benefit is the micro fine movements and the ability to watch the surgical field in magnified and three dimensional views helping to create a superior nerve sparing outcome.

Your treatment for prostate cancer using robotic prostatectomy will be determined when you have finished your diagnostic tests to make sure it is the best solution for you. Our Miami urology center has all the facility for any workup that may be needed. If you are coming from outside of South Florida simply inform our staff and they will let you know what, if any, diagnostic testing results to bring that have already been performed, and schedule you at your convenience.

Treatment for prostate cancer with robotic prostatectomy is covered by Medicare and most health plans. As stated above, not everyone is qualified for robotic prostatectomy for their prostate removal. However our Miami urology center performs open prostatectomy, laparoscopic prostatectomy and an assortment of treatments for prostate cancer.

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