Masturbation and Health Most Important article

Masturbation and Health

Masturbation and Health Most Important article

Masturbation has all ways been a taboo topics relating to sex. Manny consider that when one has a sexual relationship with a partner he or she no longer needs to masturbate.

What would your reaction be if you catch your partner masturbating?

Would you be surprised, aroused or disgust? The truth is each and every one of us have masturbated at some point in our life, well may be not 100% of us, but waste majority of people have masturbated at some point.

Masturbation and Health

Manny masturbate at some point in their life and many continue doing this through out their life. Doing Masturbation is completely normal, healthy and not doing Masturbation is also completely normal. Masturbation is perfectly health and does not cause any sort of infection or does not cause any health related issues. Masturbation is completely normal and 100% healthy. Masturbation however helps you relieve tension, and provide comfort and relaxation.

One of the popular beliefs is that one has to stop Masturbation once he has a partner, but Masturbation is just one of the ways to express your sexuality. There are manly two kinds of people, those how do masturbate and those who don’t masturbate. If you do masturbate but you where not aware that your partner also does Masturbation, in this situation if you catch your partner doing Masturbation you may either join you partner sexually and this can add extra spice to your sexual life. Getting actively involved in different sexual behaviors with your partner also helps in strengthening your bond with each other.

Masturbation and Health

The other groups of people are those who don’t masturbate, they tend to get disgust at their partner when they find that their partner masturbates. The important things to remember here is each one of us are unique and have individual needs. We have our own ways in experiencing pleasure, when we are with our partners, we have to know each others likings and we need to go out of our way to satisfy them. If you are unable to over come your disgust at Masturbation, don’t get involved and give your partner some private time every now and then.

Masturbation should be discussed openly with your partner, that is if you are comfortable talking about this with your partner. If you are comfortable talking about Masturbation or any sexual style with your partner, then just give them some private time every now and then.

The point here is Masturbation is just like any other sexual style and is completely healthy. Masturbation does not in any way affect once health.

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