The Variety of Reasons for Hair Loss in People

Hair Loss Problem in People

The Variety of Reasons for Hair Loss in People

Hair loss can affect anybody at any time. Many people dread hair loss and would like to find out the reasons for hair loss in order to prevent it from happening to them or to reverse hair loss. There are many reasons for hair loss; some are serious diseases while others are just the choice of hairstyle.

Aging and Hormonal Imbalance

Aging is one of the top reasons for hair loss. Many people will expect to lose some of their hair when they become older or at least expect thinning hair at a certain age. The reason behind hair loss due to aging is the reduced production of hormones as we grow older.

Hormone imbalance is one of the more common reasons for hair loss in the world. Different individuals suffer from various kinds of hormonal imbalances. One of the common symptoms of these is hair loss.

Heredity and Diseases

Heredity as one of the reasons for hair loss is a correct one. Reasons for hair loss such as this one are some things that you can not do anything about or avoid. Hair loss is in your genes you just have to make the best of it. Female and male hair loss pattern is something that you can expect to have of most of your relatives have succumbed to it.

Some sicknesses or diseases can also be attributed to the reasons for hair loss in some individuals. Many of these diseases openly attack hair shafts and follicles which result in loss of hair in individuals.

Other possible reasons for hair loss are fungal infections that commonly occur in the skin that also appear in the scalp. These infections can attack hair follicles and cause loss of hair. Dermatitis can also be one of the reasons for hair loss. It can indirectly cause hair loss due to frequent scratching, inflammation of the scalp and other reasons.

Traction alopecia is also one of the reasons for hair loss. This is the frequent contact of the scalp and hair with a hard surface that discourages hair growth. It can also be the frequent tying of longhair in a tight bun or ponytail that pressures the hair follicles and encourages hair breakage and falling hair.

These reasons for hair loss are just a few of the probable causes of hair loss in people. If you are in doubt regarding your reasons for hair loss, it is best to consult a dermatologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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