Rapid Hair Loss is Typical After Pregnancy

Hair Loss After Pregnancy - The Most Common Reason

Rapid Hair Loss is Typical After Pregnancy

You have recently given birth to a beautiful new baby. You are, of course, elated, but at the same time your body is going through a significant amount of hormonal changes. First of all, there are the mood swings, and then there are the body changes that come along with being able to breast feed. Another thing you will have to deal with is rapid hair loss.

Rapid Hair Loss: The Signs and the Changes

A month or two after you have given birth you have noticed that, while washing your hair, large clumps are falling out. At first you are understandably unnerved with this rapid hair loss. However, there is no need to take this sign of rapid hair loss as anything other than your body adjusting to not being pregnant anymore.

When you are pregnant, it takes a significant change in hormones to accommodate your body carrying the baby. You gain weight, as the baby is living off your body fat, and also you notice much more body hair.

Specifically, this body hair comes from ancient times, when human ancestors had not means of sheltering themselves from the elements. Thus, this is your body’s way of fortifying itself for the baby. When places into this context, you will certainly be much more comfortable with the rapid hair loss you experience after the pregnancy.

So, how can you ease yourself into accepting this rapid hair loss ? Realize that you will not go bald or anything like that. Instead, your hair will simply become a bit thinner in texture. Also, this process can be made easier by brushing your hair frequently during the day, so that you can gradually lose the hair, rather than quickly.

Rapid hair loss is not something that will happen on other parts of your body. You will just have to shave as usual. When it comes to masking your rapid hair loss, all you have to do is wear lighter clothing to distract from the fallen strands of hair. Another idea is to start using shampoo with extra vitamins in it, so that you can maintain the volume of your hair.

For more information about the specifics behind rapid hair loss after pregnancy, talk to your doctor. You can also search the internet, since there are many new websites that have been started to provide information helpful to women both during and after pregnancy. All you have to do is just have some patience and watch in wonder as your body changes!

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