Hair Loss , How To Prevent Hair Loss, Hair Regrowth

How To Prevent Hair Loss

Hair Loss , How To Prevent Hair Loss, Hair Regrowth

Hair loss is a big problem. Hair is an essential part of a person's appearance. Hair loss is not just about vanity. It incurs many associating factors too. Looking bad makes one lose confidence in oneself. This badly affects the ego, which in turn destroys your life by demoralizing your attitude towards work and social life.

By our knowledge of the factors causing hair loss, we can hopefully eliminate these causes to prevent hair loss. Long working hours at the office or at home can build up stress, which in turn upsets the hormonal balance, leading to hair loss. Air pollution or the wrong type of shampoo can also cause hair loss.

Why does hair shed naturally? Usually the hair root is blocked and this cuts off the supply of nutrients to the hair. The hair eventually dies and drops off.

There are 4 main types of hair loss.

1) Post-natal hair loss.

The disruption in the hormonal balance and health after delivery causes hair loss for a period of 6 months. It the condition is serious, this needs professional help from a hair expert called a trichologist.

2) Dandruff causing hair loss.

Oily scalp clogs the hair pores and kills the hair. Stress may also cause scalp cells to clamp together and fall off as dandruff.

3) Illness causes hair loss.

This is temporary and lasts for the duration of the medication being taken. The hair loss is due to side effects from oral drugs or even vaccinations.

4) Ring shape hair loss.

This is a circle or ring shape type of hair loss. Its mainly due to stress. Baldness can happen if the condition is unchecked.

We can help our hair by maintaining a balanced diet, getting sufficient sleep, exercising to promote blood circulation to the scalp, quitting smoking and excessive drinking. Smoking pollutes the hair and kills them. Alcohol alters our hormone balances and causes hair loss. Hair care also involves using a constant hair product to maintain stability for the hair. Bombarding the hair with too many chemicals creates havoc for the hair. A clean scalp will give a healthy head of hair. If you spot any hair loss, its advisable to go for routine hair check-ups and maintenance to preserve hair roots. The hair root is the root of the problem. Maintaining the health of the roots is maintaining your crowning glory.

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