How To Reduce And Avoid Joint Knee Pain

How to remove joint knee pain

How To Reduce And Avoid Joint Knee Pain

Extreme joint knee pain often makes you unable to function normally on a daily basis without a great deal of discomfort. Reasons that cause such pain can vary from a simple over straining and wear and tear to far more serious underlying long term conditions that may require highly specialized medical treatment. As with any medical condition, prevention is far better than the cure. Thus, if you begin to notice any discomfort, get some rest and give yourself chance to recover. Should the discomfort return, visit a specialist and get the problem checked out.

Whatever daily activity you do on your feet, your knees have to withstand a lot of wear and tear because they constantly have to support the entire weight of your body. Any excess weight and moving in unnatural positions will only increase the stress and strain which the knees are put under. In the first place, being overweight is not going to lessen the stress on your knees and neither is lifting or carrying heavy objects during the course of a working day.

If you are beginning to feel any pain in the knee region, it is time to visit your doctor for a physical examination. Just being overweight by a few pounds can make a difference, but if you are grossly overweight you will certainly be putting far more pressure and stress than necessary on your knees. Choose a diet based on wholesome natural foods and eliminate food which is far too high in saturated fat and sugar. Calories that are not converted to fuel get converted to fat which is then stored in the body thereby increasing the weight.

No matter what the underlying cause is for your joint knee pain, shedding the pounds to maintain a healthy weight is going to be beneficial for your overall health and wellness. However, the same cannot be said for exercise or rest. Although you will need to combine elements of both in any treatment, there are completely different ways in which they need to be used. If your knees have been put under strain and stress by overwork or repetitive strain, then rest is vital to your recovery. But, if your knee joint pain is an inflammatory condition, rest will only aggravate the condition instead of helping it heal.

How your knee feels the next morning can predict if you have an inflammatory illness. If the condition is worse than it was the day before, then your knee joint pain is inflammatory. Waking up with stiff limbs that will resist to any type of flexibility or movement is a sign of this illness. If you can get your limbs warm and supported you will find the gentle movements a lot less painful and gradually overcome the stiffness. Providing there is no stiffness, engaging in some low-impact exercise can help you manage your joint knee pain and get on the fast track to a speedy recovery.

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